How to Stay Safe with Uber and Lyft

As our culture has become more supportive of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, many people express their concern when it comes to staying safe when using these apps. With reports of some riders being assaulted or others becoming targets of ride-sharing scams, it's important that riders are proactive about protecting themselves. Read on for the best tips to keep you safe when using ride-sharing apps.

Request a Ride Inside

Many riders get into the habit of going outside to the street to request a ride. However, standing alone waiting for a ride-sharing app to locate a driver puts you at risk. Instead of spending several minutes staring at your phone alone outside, stay inside until your app notifies you that the driver is there.

Check the Car Before Getting In

In high-traffic areas, it's easy for a rider to get into the wrong car thinking it is their driver. Prevent this mistake by always checking the vehicle before getting inside. Do this by carefully reading the license plate, reviewing the make and model of the car, and matching the driver photo with the person that's driving the car.

Ask the Driver to Confirm Your Name

Another public safety tip to follow when using ride-sharing apps is to have your name confirmed by the driver. As the driver can see your first name with their app, they should always confirm that you are the person they are picking up. Ask the driver “Who are you picking up?” to make sure they properly confirm your name and that you confirm theirs.

Ride in the Backseat

Though some drivers offer the passenger side seat to riders, it's safest to ride in the back seat. If the car isn't full and you're riding alone, always choose to sit in the back as this will give you the opportunity to safely exit on either side of the car. Moreover, it will give you and the drive personal space that can be life-saving in an emergency situation.

Ride-sharing apps are an important part of many riders daily lives. Don't let riding scams and criminals affect your ability to get to your next destination. Keep these tips in mind the next time you choose to use a ride-sharing app.