Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?

In web terms, a cookie is a text document that can contain an anonymous identifier. We you visits web sites, the site requests your computer/device for permission to store this document on the hard drive you designate. Each site can request a new cookie if you allow it to, but must obey the privacy settings that your have setup on your browser/device.

How Do We Use the Cookies?

As you surf and use our web site, the cookies identify you from other visitors so we can better customize the process for you. This can also allow us to prevent you from seeing advertisements or asking you to login again. We can use this information to determine the unique number of visitors to our site and what pages visitors are using or prefer. In addition, pixels and/or tracking mechanisms can be placed or used in email messages by third parties.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

We reserve the right to make business agreements or partnerships with third parties who can be given access to your personal information provided including name, location, zip code, email, and phone number. We may provide this information to third parties if we determine it will be used in a responsible manner.

We also utilize third parties for other aspects of our business, which includes sending emails and processing information. These third parties may have access to personal information for business. Our partners use this information to recognize you across different channels and platforms over time for advertising, analytics, attribution, and reporting purposes.