How to Survive an Active Shooter

Incidents involving active shooters or armed intruders can occur anywhere. Whether it's a university campus or any other public place, there's no way of knowing when an emergency situation may occur. Following proper prevention tips can increase your chances of surviving an active shooter. Consider the following four public safety tips:

1. If an Armed Suspect is Outside

If there are reports that an armed suspect is outside, start securing the immediate room. Turn off radios, lights, and silence cell phones. Lock all doors and windows and barricade with doors to prevent the suspect from entering. If possible, get on the floor safely to make yourself less of a target.

2. If an Armed Suspect is Inside

With an active shooter inside the building, the first bit of advice is to flee the building if possible. If you can't leave, secure your immediate area and stay out of sight and under a desk or on the floor. Remain there silently until there is an “all clear” given by the authorities.

3. If an Armed Suspect Enters the Office or Classroom

Every situation involving an active shooter in the workplace or classroom is different and requires immediate action to increase the likelihood of survival. It is important for all those involved to remain calm and flee if possible. Always attempt to run or hide and avoid negotiating or complying with the shooter.

Crime news experts never recommend overcoming the subject with force unless you are in imminent danger. To regain control of the situation, use the element of surprise to your advantage by screaming and throwing items to create chaos and distraction in the room.

4. Always Alert the Authorities

Always reach out to the authorities at the first sign of an armed intruder or dangerous subject outside the building or in the vicinity. Whether it's a text to a loved one or a call to the police, getting the word out about the shooter will improve your chance of survival. The sooner the authorities can arrive on the scene, the more likely they'll be able to deescalate the situation and capture the shooter.

Don't wait for an emergency situation to start preparing. Keep this guide in mind to make sure you know exactly what to do if an incident involving an active shooter ever occurs.