Are They Really Over Their Ex?

No doubt, moving on from a break-up is difficult. It’s understandable that it can take a considerable amount of time. But what if you begin a relationship with someone who hasn’t quite moved on? Here are a few signs that your significant other still has feelings for their ex.

They Get Mentioned a Lot

Naturally, everyone has a history. There’s nothing wrong with discussing your past with a current partner. It only becomes a problem if they are constantly bringing up their ex. Even if they seem to be bashing them, it may be a sign that the ex is still on their mind.

They Refuse to Post Photos With You

Social media isn’t for everyone. It’s not necessarily an issue if your partner hasn’t posted photos of you. However, if they used to post photos with their ex and avoid doing so with you, it may be something to think about. If you have ever posted a photo of you both, and they asked you to remove it, it could be another red flag.

Your Relationship Isn’t Going Anywhere

Have your feelings grown, while theirs remain stagnant? Your partner may be stuck in the past. At one point they may have believed that they were ready to move on, but it could have been wishful thinking. If their hesitation is hurting you, you should address the issue directly and ask for their honesty about the situation.

Your Needs Don’t Matter

If your partner seems to prioritize their ex’s feelings over yours, that is definitely a warning sign. Avoiding public displays of affection in order to not hurt their ex’s feelings is not fair to your needs. In a healthy relationship, you should make your partner’s happiness a priority in addition to your own.