Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Breakups will always be difficult, but there’s a unique type of heartbreak that comes along with ending it with someone you still love. It’s going to suck either way, but here’s some advice that might make things just a *bit* easier.

Do It In Person

If your partner still means something to you, they deserve the proper closure. Meet somewhere private where you can both say all that you need. No one wants to get broken up with over text.

Take Space From Each Other

This might be one of the hardest steps of a breakup. If you’re still in love, it’s extremely painful to suddenly cut off contact. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never see or talk to each other again, but it is a necessary step in order for you to begin moving on.

Set Boundaries

If you were together for a long time, you both probably have some of the same favorite places (and even friends). It might be a good idea to come up with an agreement about limits. When you begin dating other people, you’ll want to avoid any messy run-ins. It may be best to refrain from bringing new dates to mutual hangout spots.

Don’t Romanticize the Past

Realize that your gut instinct is usually correct. Even if they are amazing, and the relationship was mostly good, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that they just aren’t the right match for you anymore. Don’t let yourself get caught in the vicious cycle of daydreaming about all of the good times you had together. Try to focus on the present.

Get Rid of Painful Reminders

Can’t bring yourself to throw away all of your momentos? It’s a good idea to hide them, at least, for the time being. If you’ve acquired a lot of photos, clothing and gifts, you should consider storing away until you’ve gotten more distance. You’ll never move on if you are forcibly reminded of the other person every day.