Common Dreams & Their Meanings

Of course, dreams are incredibly unique. What one dream means to one person may mean something entirely different to somebody else. Not all of these symbols may be relevant to your life, but here are a few of the most common interpretations according to dream analysts.


Supposedly, falling in your dreams is an indication that your life is going in the wrong direction. Are you having major issues in your personal or work life? It may be your subconscious telling you that it’s time for a change.

Being Chased

The root of this common dream has been said to relate to one’s longing to escape from their own fears or hidden desires. It may represent a person or a general issue that is creating conflict in your life.

Teeth Falling Out

It has been agreed upon by many dream interpreters that teeth are viewed as a symbol of confidence. If you are having dreams about your teeth falling out, it may mean that you are anxious about your position (in your career, or just life in general).

Being Late

Dreaming about being late may indicate that you are taking on too much. You may not be confident in your ability to meet others expectations of you. It may be time to prioritize certain obligations over others. Is someone making you anxious? This site can help give you some piece of mind.

Driving Out of Control

According to experts, if you dream about driving an uncontrolled car, it could relate to bad habits that you are struggling with. You may realize that those habits are slowly taking over, but you should fight back to regain control.


One of the most common interpretations of dreams about death is that something is about to end in the dreamer’s life, or it needs to. You may want to consider if there is anyone in your life that you should cut ties with. Toxic energy from others can impact many areas of your life, even your dreams. Death in a dream may indicate rebirth. It could be time to start a new chapter in your life.