Should You Google Your Date?

Modern technology has changed dating dramatically. Over 70% of singles admit to googling their dates. Is it something you should start doing? Here are a few pros and cons:

Pro: You Feel Safer

It’s unlikely that your date has a criminal record, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Online dating is growing in popularity, but sometimes it’s hard to get a good read of someone through texts. If you have doubts about your date, check them out for your own piece of mind!

Pro: You Catch a Liar

Is he lying about being single or divorced? Is he weirdly vague about his job? A quick check on google can save you from the emotional trauma of catching him in a BIG lie down the road.

Con: You See Something You Wish You Hadn’t

This doesn’t always have to be something scandalous . Stumbling upon photos of your date’s ex-girlfriend after a facebook stalking session can do more damage than you’d think. Of course everyone has a past, but you don’t need to know his entire history. Let things come up naturally!

Con: There’s Nothing Left to Know

If you go on a true googling spree, you may end up with way too much information. Part of the fun of first dates is the process of learning about each other. If you already know their entire background, you may end up having to act surprised for the majority of the date.

Con: You May Find the Wrong Person

Unless your date has an incredibly unique name, you may get several different results. Even if you are able to narrow down your search by city, there is still a possibility that you read about the wrong person. Fictional information can easily ruin your first impression before the date.